Friday, 6 April 2018

Why performance anxiety is a cause for erectile dysfunction?

SEX can be unsatisfied, if you will do it with stress. A couple needs to be little creative as well as active in their bed to enjoy their sex life. If a couple is dealing with stress and tension, then I don’t think they can enjoy an intimate moment with each other. If you are a man, then you should be confident about your performance in bed otherwise it will cause sexual issues like erectile dysfunction.

One of the worst obstacles in men’s sexual life is performance anxiety. They don’t take sex as a part of love; they take it as an activity where they need to perform well. Men’s anxiety during sex come from the expectations related to their masculinity in Indian culture, porn films where men act to have sex continuously for 30-50 minutes, or maybe fear about sex and lack of confidence.

Why males feel anxiety about their sexual performance?          
Anxiety can be defined as a worry and fear characterized by physical symptoms. Males feel anxiety about their sexual performance because they view sex as a goal and activity where they have to perform well. They don’t take sex as an enjoyment and create expectations that are often difficult to achieve.

Performance anxiety can spoil your mood badly in bed. Due to performance anxiety you may lose control over your erection in bed. The main cause of erectile dysfunction among men is performance anxiety. In the tension of driving your women crazy males lose their erection and sometimes, it also causes premature ejaculation.

How to overcome performance anxiety?
If you want to overcome your performance anxiety, then you need to quit porn and masturbation because if you watch porn, then you also wanted to match the sex timings of porn stars which always lead to performance anxiety. One more thing you can do is change your thought pattern about your physical self.

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